EVD module

EVD module
  • General characteristics

    EVD module is an add-on expansion module for installation alongside UltraCella or SmartCella. It is easy to assemble and connect, and allows energy savings through management of a CAREL EEV.
    The module can be mounted directly on a DIN rail or pre-assembled for wall mounting, thanks to special plastic inserts and three wide bypass holes for convenient and safe wiring, while guaranteeing IP65 on the complete enclosure. 
    Available in versions with or without display and with or without Ultracap for retrofit applications.
    The display simplifies programming, meaning the controller can be started after selecting just a few parameters. Ultracap technology guarantees safe valve closure in the event of power failures, avoiding the need to install a solenoid valve.
    UltraCella communicates with EVD Evolution via serial communication, for managing and configuring EVD directly from UltraCella.

    Main functions:

    • superheat control with high pressure, low pressure and low superheat protection
    • guided commissioning procedure (selecting just 4 parameters, stand-alone module)
    • connection diagram shown on the display
    • removable graphic LCD, multi-language interface with online help for the parameters and SI or imperial units of measure
    • user management with password to access different configuration levels
    • copy parameter values to different EVD devices from the display
    • LEDs for monitoring the main parameters
    • use of low-power ratiometric pressure transducers with 4 to 20 mA output (these can be shared between several drivers)
    • second digital input for defrost management
    • possibility to use backup probes
    • Ultracap technology that assures safe valve closure in the event of power failures

    Combined with the CAREL ExV series electronic expansion valves, the EVD Evolution drivers create an integrated control system that optimises evaporator operation and ensures high energy savings.