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The Air Handling Unit (AHU) market is growing at a fast pace worldwide, driven by the stricter requirements of standards and regulations.
High efficiency management for residential heat pumps
The heat pump market is now growing faster, aided by carbon emission reduction goals and the availability of more renewable energy sources.
Evolution of the CAREL pGD family displays, this new version, pGD EXPERIENCE or pGDX for short, has been designed to offer an improved user experience.

pGD Touch

  • General characteristics

    The pGD Touch graphic terminals belong to the TFT touchscreen display range designed to make user interface with the pCO sistema family controllers simpler and more intuitive. Available in numerous different versions in terms of screen size (4.3", 7", 10" and 13") and level of connectivity (with or without Ethernet port).
    The electronics used, the HVAC/R libraries offered and the advanced functions available, such as Alpha Blending, allow management of high resolution images and advanced functions to achieve a high aesthetic standard. The touchscreen panel allows highly simple, intuitive and attractive interfaces to be developed, as well as simplifying human-machine interaction, making browsing the screens much easier. All the displays in the new CAREL range are programmable using the 1tool suite. Connection to the pCO controller is available over an RS485 or Ethernet network using the ModBus or BACnet protocol.