EP Wireless sensor

EP Wireless sensor
  • General characteristics

    The sensor is installed on the showcases, and can accommodate two external temperature probes, NTC 10 K at 25°C ß=3435. The typical application is showcases with one sensor on the evaporator, plus one inside the compartment, together with two digital inputs to check the door and defrost status, or alternatively to control two showcases with one device.

    • EP sensor programmable digital inputs, disable sensor alarm: The sensor digital inputs are no longer linked to the door or defrost function, but rather can be configured to identify the status of a general digital contact.
    • Wireless signal level indication: a procedure has been added that indicates the quality of the wireless signal, with feedback on LED L3.
    • Stimulation to force wireless transmission: the case does not need to be opened by unscrewing the 4 screws to press the button and stimulate the sensor for wireless transmission. This can be done using a magnet from the outside.