• General characteristics

    pRack pR300 is the compressor rack controller that is suitable for any type of application with traditional refrigerants, as well as with subcritical CO2 cascade systems by integrating electronic expansion valves for the management of plate heat exchangers.

    The main features of pRack pR300 are:

    • Support for all of the main HFC and HFO refrigerants used on the market and for CO2 in subcritical conditions.
    • Use of simple and intuitive user interfaces. 
    • Easy access to supervisory systems via BMS and programming (via serial or USB).
    • Safety and backup procedures.
    • High flexibility (multiboard layout, I/O configuration).
    • Availability of built-in electronic valve drivers.


    pR300 comes with a long list of functions, including:

    • Oil management (cooling-injection-separation).
    • Heat recovery (dual heat exchanger and gas cooler bypass).
    • Integration with Chillbooster (adiabatic cooling system for air-cooled condensers).
  • Plus

    Versatile and consolidated controller

    Heat recovery, oil management and synchronisation between compression lines are just some of the countless pRack 300 functions.

    Multiboard layout 

    pRack boards can be combined together in a highly versatile way serve the different unit configurations available on the market.

    Custom functions

    pRack offers the possibility to configure truly custom logic, adding further flexibility to the design of the compressor rack.

    Local and remote supervision

    Advanced local and remote supervision experience through integration with boss and RED systems.