µRack series

µRack series
  • General characteristics

    With the µRack series, CAREL offers a series of compact and economical parametric controllers that are simple to use and install, for the complete control of small compressor racks, with the possibility to manage up to 5 relay outputs for controlling devices such as the compressors and fans.
    µRack uses a high efficiency LED display to show the values monitored, and icons representing the status of the devices and the operating modes.
    The electrical connections have quick couplings for the fast and safe connection of the instrument, and cable kits can be created when the controller is installed on the production line. Using the PWM output, the controller can also manage the condenser fan speed control. A series of optional modules widens the range of performance of the instrument, allowing rapid programming using the hardware key even when the instrument is off, and connection to the supervisory system for the complete monitoring of the unit.
    Compressor racks with floating condensing pressure control can be managed if the installation (showcase-cold room) is fitted with electronic valves. One very innovative feature allows the same controller to manage mixed systems of compressor racks with two refrigerant circuits, a single condenser and two suction set points.
    The functions implemented, the dimensions and the simple installation and connection make these controllers the best solution for the management of compressor racks
  • Plus

    • compact dimensions;
    • model for panel or DIN rail mounting;
    • high reliability ensured by the use of a standard hardware platform;
    • ergonomic and high efficiency display with icons;
    • simple wiring;
    • complete management of the compressor rack