• General characteristics

    For small CO2 applications, CAREL can offer a complete and integrated solution with pR100T.
    pR100T can control:

    • Compressors (timing-rotation-inverter)
    • Fans (on/off, EC)
    • HPV valve control (optimal algorithm for pressure calculation)
    • Flash valve control (receiver pressure - safety linked to the HPV)
    • Recovery procedures (fault synchronisation with case controller)


    Its main strength is ease of use; the Wizard guides users step-by-step when setting up the system. By simply answering the questions proposed automatically, pRack can independently set the main parameters needed to start-up the unit safely.
    The compact solution thus comprises one single controller with an external driver and Ultracap for direct management of the HPV and RPRV valves
    The same effective user interface is shared across the pRack family, for easy use of the entire range and simplified service in the field.

  • Plus

    • Ease of use: developed with special attention to ease of use, pRack has numerous technical details, procedures and tools to help users when using the controller
    • Total management of transcritical CO2 systems through HPV and RPRV valves
    • Modulation and energy saving: modulating compressor and fan operation means capacity is always adapted to effective demand