• General characteristics

    DigitalHUM is the new cloud portal for remote monitoring and control of CAREL Group humidifiers. 

    All of the units connected to DigitalHUM are visible via a single platform thanks to geolocation; the operating conditions and efficiency of each humidifier can be analysed via a graphic interface. Real-time alarms and alarm notifications allow a prompt response, reading and writing the variables via the remote connection. 

    The DigitalHUM infrastructure is scalable and can easily adapt to customer needs, as well as being perfectly integrated into the system of CAREL controllers. 

  • Plus

    Custom access: based on the individual area of competence, multiple users can monitor the same unit with different views. 

    Data logging: data is sampled every three minutes and stored for up to 12 months, allowing targeted and customised analysis through the creation of specific graphs. 

    Humidifier graphic interfaces: in DigitalHUM, each humidifier has its own pre-packaged graphic interface, simplifying configuration for immediate control of the unit.