Enterprise Monitoring Systems

Enterprise Monitoring Systems
  • General characteristics

    With the remote supervisor, the same interface can be used to analyse and compare the data collected by the local supervisors on each system for centralised site management.

    Our offering for monitoring and optimisation of system configurations is complete and reliable at every level. From the controllers - either parametric or programmable - installed on the units, through a choice of local supervisors suitable for all needs, right up to remote supervision for centralising all data. Whatever the application, Carel remote is a secure and reliable tool for monitoring sites in different locations. All local supervision solutions offered by Carel can be connected to the remote supervisor:

    • PlantVisorPRO
    • PlantWatchPRO
    • pCOWEB
  • Plus

    • Energy benchmark between systems for energy saving
    • Alarm benchmark between systems to optimise system maintenance