Explore the possibilities of mobile interaction with µChiller Process

The chiller is out of order due to a serious alarm and it is not clear what’s happened. Every unit in the system has a different interface and it’s hard to remember how to interact with each of them. It’s often difficult to manage commissioning and maintenance without external support, being complex tasks. 

These are all everyday problems for those who work in production plants. 

Industrial automation and the advent of Industry 4.0 have progressively improved plant productivity by making it possible to control most of the stages of production.
However, not all auxiliary systems are designed to be completely managed via supervisors: these include process chillers, which are often stand-alone units or operated by a simple remote ON/OFF signal. To improve access for service, as well as for the chiller manufacturer, CAREL has prepared a new series of video tutorials for µChiller Process, guiding users through the most important operations for interaction with the controller, via mobile phone, including viewing and managing the fundamental unit parameters.


These videos explain how to simply commission a chiller using a simple guided procedure. Or how to interact with the unit when maintenance is required.
The videos are divided by topic and briefly show how to use the app to carry out the corresponding operations. The videos support the documentation available on the µChiller Process product page. For example, while the video tutorials show how to easily access the unit parameters, the manual lists all of the available parameter options and the possible configurations. 

Finally, there is the possibility to access the chiller operating data when a serious alarm occurs. The playlist in fact shows users a guided procedure for accessing the data and sharing them via smartphone. It is therefore possible to analyse the operating data prior to the alarm from the office, and then suggest what actions the personnel on site can take. 



The first compact and cost-effective controller on the market for complete management of process chillers with On-Off and variable-capacity BLDC compressors. Thanks to its flexibility and large number of functions, µChiller Process covers most process applications without the need for modifications or the addition of external devices. The solution is completed by innovative connectivity features.