• General characteristics

    CloudGate is CAREL’s new family of IoT gateways to enable monitoring and tERA platform services for HVAC/R systems with up to 10 units.

    Compact, standard installation inside an electrical panel and a local LED interface with immediate indication of communication status make Cloudgate easy to install in the field, without the need for experts in connectivity devices.

    Cloudgate is available in four different models, depending on the connectivity available for the communication with the tERA service. These options make it possible to use Cloudgate and consequently the remote control features offered by tERA services in a large number of places and geographic areas.

    The web pages accessible via the Cloudgate Ethernet port provide access to system information and advanced network settings, as well as the possibility to carry out advanced diagnostics on the gateway’s operating status locally.  


  • Plus

    Compact product

    Developed in a 4 DIN module format with connection via plug-in terminals, used to install the gateway inside the electrical panel quickly and occupying as little space as possible.


    Interface with eight front LEDs showing gateway operating status and radio signal strength, so as to understand the gateway’s communication status without requiring additional external instruments.

    Plug&play installation

    Without the need to contact the network infrastructure manager in the building where it is installed, both in the mobile versions (2G/4G), which come with an already-activated built-in Internet connection, and the WiFi version, featuring the WPS function to connect to the building’s network without needing to know the building’s router configuration.


    Data and connection security via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on the models that communicate via the mobile network, and the HTTPS protocol for the Ethernet and Wi-Fi models.