PlantVisorPRO PlantVisorPRO PlantVisorPRO
  • General characteristics

    PlantVisorPRO is the CAREL supervisory and monitoring system that allows full control and optimization of refrigeration and air-conditioning of medium - large plants.
    It offers an intuitive interface and customizable management and system configuration.
    PlantVisorPRO provides remote access to all the devices connected to it through its web interface
  • Plus

    • Customization of the plant
    • Layout Customization of the device pages according to the needs of the customer
    • Reduction of commissioning of the plant
    • Data analysis functions to improve the service activities and optimize plant operation
    • Energy saving features: Floating Suction Pressure Control - Smooth Line, Dew point management Parameters control
    • Integration with Enterprise Carel system for centralized data elaboration