• General characteristics

    Heosone is a solution for the control and management of chest freezers and wall-standing plug-in showcase coolers for supermarkets and professional refrigerators
    The kit of components can be applied to both low temperature and medium temperature applications operating on propane. 

    The complete package includes:

    • BLDC compressor. DC technology allows greater efficiency through permanent magnet brushless motors, the widest range of modulation (25-100%), high reliability due to a reduction in electrical and mechanical stress, low noise and extremely compact dimensions. 
    • Control unit with integrated DC driver. All of the advantages of CAREL drivers (electrical efficiency, reliability of both the driver and the entire solution, electromagnetic compatibility) are combined with the Heosone controller to form an integrated unit for: 
        - cabinet temperature and superheat control
        - compressor management (COP calculation, oil recovery procedures)
        - condensing stage control
        - lights, defrosts, fans and alarms 
    • Electronic expansion valve with stepper motor. Operation is managed perfectly in synch with the variable-speed compressor, the evaporation temperature can be controlled continuously to ensure efficiency in all operating conditions. The use of electronic valves also allows preventive and alarm monitoring actions, for greater reliability of the entire solution. 
    • DC motors for EC fans. High efficiency and low noise, available for the condenser and/or evaporator.
    • HMI with BLE/NFC connectivity.


    The sensor and probe kit and the WiFi gateway option (serial - WiFi converter) complete the offering.
    The cooling capacity varies from 0.8 kW to 1.6 kW, depending on the application, with a propane charge of up to 150 g.
    Heosone can be perfectly integrated into supervisory and remote monitoring systems.

  • Plus

    Risk-free green solution

    All the benefits of propane without the safety risks (charge limited to 150 g)

    One stop shop

    CAREL as the sole supplier and partner for the entire control package.


    Advanced connectivity thanks to BLE, NFC and dedicated app

    Continuous system modulation

    Variable speed compressors (BLDC), electronic expansion valves with stepper motor, DC motors for fans.

    Energy efficiency

    The decentralised approach and continuous modulation make it possible to adapt operation perfectly to the demands of the cabinet in all conditions. Synchronisation of control actions and possibility to read COP in real time.

    Maximum food preservation quality

    Continuous modulation of the compressor and EEV electronic valves ensures excellent temperature and humidity stability in the showcases.