Heosbox CO2

Heosbox CO2
Heosbox CO2 Heosbox CO2 Heosbox CO2 Heosbox CO2 Heosbox CO2 Heosbox CO2 Heosbox CO2
  • General characteristics

    "Heosbox CO2" units are water-cooled condensing units incorporating the Heos high-efficiency solution for CO2 applications:

    • BLDC variable speed compressors. Permanent magnet brushless motors and "double rotary" construction allow maximum efficiency, a wide modulation range (25-100%), compact design and low noise.
    • DC driver. CAREL drivers for Heos applications feature the highest control precision and reliability.
      The class B firmware guarantees the system additional electronic protection.
    • Electronic expansion valve. Thanks to the stepper motor, Heosbox CO2 provides continuous control of the evaporation temperature to ensure maximum efficiency in all conditions, including through preventive monitoring actions.
    • Heos controller. The controller on one hand provides complete functional management of the showcase (lights, fans, heaters, alarms, etc.), and on the other perfect synchronisation between the variable-speed compressor and electronic valve.
      Complete knowledge of how the unit is operating allows the adoption of advanced control logic and preventive monitoring actions for greater reliability of the entire solution.


    Heosbox CO2 units are designed and optimised for subcritical commercial refrigeration applications, and essentially comprise:

    • a partial refrigeration circuit, to be coupled to an evaporating coil
    • an electrical panel featuring power distribution and a control system.


    The solution fulfils current market and regulatory requirements:

    • reduction of direct emissions through the use of a natural refrigerant
    • reduction of indirect emissions through high efficiency solutions.


    Subcritical design allows:

    • a reduction in installation costs thanks to lower operating pressures and a simplified design of the refrigeration circuit (similar to units with HFCs)
    • greater operating flexibility: medium or low temperature applications in both single evaporator and multi-evaporator configurations
    • synergies to be created with the existing air conditioning system, making it possible to optimise global site efficiency.
  • Plus

    The benefits of Heos technology...

    Continuous system modulation 

    Variable speed compressors (BLDC) and electronic expansion valves with stepper motor.

    Energy efficiency       

    The decentralised approach and continuous modulation make it possible to adapt operation perfectly to the demands of the cabinet in all conditions. Synchronisation of control actions and possibility to read COP in real time.     

    Maximum food preservation quality

    Continuous modulation of the compressor and EEV electronic valves ensures excellent temperature and humidity stability in the cabinets.


    …with the advantages of advanced connectivity and dedicated services:

    Remote connectivity to supervisory systems

    Compatibility with supervisory systems: wired connection (via Ethernet or serial) or wireless (WiFi kit).

    Local connectivity to the Heos controller      

    Easy connection to the Heos controller, either wired (Fieldbus) or wireless (via a user interface equipped with Bluetooth and/or NFC connectivity).  

    Dedicated IOT services

    The 100% CAREL design and Heos technology provide perfect knowledge of the unit’s operation and performance. Dedicated services are available, including remote monitoring, data analysis and advanced algorithms for predictive maintenance.