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    EEVS: Electronic Expansion Valve Synchronization
    The EEVS for pR300 is a new communication system between the low temperature plant and the management driver of the electronic expansion valve of the heat exchanger plate. In a cascade system (sub-critical CO2) the low temperature plant can communicate to the driver the refrigerating capacity and it also can modulate the capacity of the vaporiser based on the condensation pressure of the CO2 saving use of additional probes and obtaining a fine and accurate adjustment of the condensation pressure. Traditional over-heating adjustment is evaluated by performing a control of the CO2 condensation pressure trend.
  • General characteristics

    pR300, ideal for any type of application and particularly recommended for sub-critical cascade CO2 - based plants, thanks to the integration of the electric expansion valves for the control of the plate heat exchangers.

    pR300 is an improvement of the standard version based on increase of the serial lines for management of more integration devices, USB ports, integrated driver and I/O customisability; more detailed:

    1 Performance: Improved HW Platform, both in terms of calculation speed and memory space. Features that ensure elaboration of instantaneous working conditions, management of more serial lines and up to 8 languages inside the same tool.

    2 USB port: using a normal data memory device you can copy the enitre tool configuration, and easily transfer it to other tools with the same field of application.

    3 EEV inegrated driver: Possibility to directly manage up to 2 stepper electronic expansion valves ensuring a reduction of the amount of cables used inside the panel, of the overall size of control system, optimizing the machine performance increasing the interaction between the refrigeration unit and the expansion valves and the plant safety thanks to ultracap technology.

    4 I/O Flexibility: Thanks to the new "Chip I/O" technology the flexibility of the inputs and the reading accuracy is increased. Each analogue input channel can be independently configured as probe NTC, PTC, PT100, PT500, PT1000, 0/1V, 0/5V, 0/10V, 0/20mA, or 4/20mA, clean digital input (standard and fast).

    pR300 can interface with the intelligent control system for energy saving pLoads (PLO550*30U*00); these two control systems allow you to limit or modulate the supplied refrigerating power, optimising the electrical consumption as to avoid absorption peaks and maintaining at the same time proper functioning of the refrigerating unit.