• Plus

    Direct management of the HPV and RPRV valves: Thanks to the driver for stepper expansion valves integrated in the tool, installation of external drivers for valves management is not necessary. Ultracap technology maximises the plant safety levels.
  • General characteristics

    pR300T is ideal for managing carbon dioxide-based booster systems.
    The new pRack pR300T platform offers on the market CO2 transcritical plants as a product that will be continuously improved, allowing the user to easily manage inherently complex machines:

    • Complete management of transcritical CO2 plants in a single control
    • Use of simple and intuitive user interface (also customisable)
    • Quick access to monitoring systems
    • Quick access to programming (USB host and device)
    • Safety and backup procedures
    • High flexibility (multi-board, customisability I/O)

    The advantages of pR300T control system are:

    • Oil management (cooling-injection-separation)
    • Heat recovery (double exchanger and gas cooler bypass)
    • Control of the HPV valve (optimal algorithm for pressure calculation)
    • Flash valve adjustment (pressure of the receiver- safeties connected to HPV)
    • Restore procedures (fault synchronisation with controller case)
    • Integration with Chillbooster (Adiabatic cooling system for air condensers)
    • Activation of parallel compression (auxiliary compressors for receiver pressure adjustment)