ECU50* ECU70*
  • General characteristics

    Hecu is the High Efficiency Condensing Unit proposed by CAREL for condensing units with traditional HFC refrigerants, designed specifically for convenience stores.
    By exploiting DC inverter technology, Hecu sistema offers true modulation of cooling capacity, thus achieving low energy consumption, especially at part loads. The high performance achievable with CO2 both allows compliance with the Eco-Design directive on energy performance, and exceeds the limits set by the F-Gas Regulation in condensing unit applications.
    Hecu sistema stands out in the segment of small commercial refrigeration systems for real-time communication with the refrigeration units, allowing the implementation of advanced system optimisation logic, with dynamic set points and extremely stable control, ensuring perfect food preservation and thus reducing waste.
    Features include:

    • Oil management with evaporator washing and speed boost functions
    • Safe compressor control with Power+ functions
    • constant modulation of cooling capacity based on demand from the cabinets
    • simplified configuration using the Wizard procedure
    • ease of use with clear and intuitive menus


    CAREL supervisors can be used to monitor and optimise the operation of every system, prevent any malfunctions and plan maintenance, so as to guarantee a high service level.

  • Plus

    DC technology

    The most efficient and widest range of modulation on the market (25-100% of capacity), scientifically tested in the field [ipertesto che rimanda a Fraunhofer case study]

    Integration with cabinets

    Constant communication for dynamic set points, minimum power consumption and stable temperatures.

    Solid system reliability

    Safe control of compressors with DC Power+ driver, specific functions for oil management.

    Optimal food preservation

    Continuous modulation of the compressor and EEV electronic valves ensures perfect temperature maintenance in the cabinets: +/- 0.3°C.

    Local and remote supervision

    Cloud-based management of the refrigeration systems with boss and RED digital services.

    Integrated all-in-one management of cold rooms

    DC Cella is the combination of Hecu + UltraCella that offers all the advantages of this synergy to ensure fast installation, ease of use and optimised performance.