• General characteristics

    MPXPRO is the benchmark product for the complete control of a multiplexed refrigerated cabinet or cold room.
    Compact and flexible, with special attention to energy saving and ease of use, it can manage electronic expansion valves (both CAREL and PWM) with integrated Ultracap technology to guarantee closure in the event of a power failure. 

    In addition to the traditional management of control, lights, defrost heaters and fans, the main features are:

    • Smooth-lines: modulation of the cabinet cooling capacity to optimise cabinet temperature;
    • Modulation of anti-sweat heaters based on the room temperature and humidity values;
    • Modulating control of evaporation fans to reduce energy consumption based on actual cabinet operating conditions;
    • Advanced hot gas defrost;
    • Intelligent defrosts: various functions to reduce the number and duration of defrosts.
  • Plus

    MPXPRO is the most advanced solution for the control of remote refrigeration units.

    Compactness and flexibility

    Single solution, 6 DIN modules, including management of bipolar (with integrated Ultracap module) or PWM electronic valves.

    Energy efficiency

    Multiple energy saving features, such as:
    - modulating control of evaporator fans;
    - optimisation of defrosts (skip defrost and running-time functions);
    - smooth-lines for optimised evaporator management, continuously modulating its capacity so as to stabilise the control temperature as much as possible.

    Easy installation

    Modular architecture for easy integration of additional features, starting from a basic board. The structure of the connectors (horizontal/vertical) simplifies installation for the manufacturer and installer.