Spare parts


CAREL Genuine Spare Parts

Using genuine spare parts for maintenance or repair work on CAREL humidification products means relying on CAREL's experience as a manufacturer, ensuring the product’s proper functioning, performance and warranty. 

CAREL’s spare parts are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured by specialists. 

Recognising a CAREL genuine spare part is easy! 
Each spare part package, usually a red box, is sealed with a “CAREL genuine spare parts” label.

Using CAREL’s genuine spare parts means the original manufacturer specifications remain unchanged.



Express Delivery

In the event of a malfunction, or even for simple planned preventive maintenance, being confident about spare part delivery is vital to be able to quickly and efficiently organise replacement operations for any humidification product.

CAREL has a specific genuine spare parts warehouse for serving the European market with specialist logistics that guarantee shipments within set time frames and transport entrusted to express couriers.  


Relying on CAREL for services on its products, particularly for maintenance, means having the guarantee of using genuine spare parts and all the benefits of their specialist warehouse logistics. 



CAREL Fast login

Access to the CAREL Fast portal for purchasing spare parts is reserved for CAREL Service Partners.