Heos sistema
Waterloop systems solutions
A new way of developing refrigeration systems that comprises plug-in cabinets featuring simple on-board refrigeration units with DC inverter compressors.
Waterloop systems solutions
power+ is a special inverter that can control compressors with permanent magnet brushless motors (BLDC/BLAC).
Electronic expansion valves - ExV
Waterloop systems solutions
CAREL electronic expansion valves are designed to meet any cooling capacity requirements up to 2000 kW in air-conditioning and refrigeration applications...


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    The main benefits of the Heos controller are:

    • Integrated management of electronic valve and variable-speed compressor
    • Compressor envelope management
    • Specifically-dedicated user interfaces
    • Compatibility with communication standards
    • Refrigeration unit COP calculation
    • Advanced control, safety and prevention functions
  • General characteristics

    Heos represents the new frontier in supermarket showcase/cold room management. It is a new way of developing a refrigeration system that responds in real time to changes in operating conditions. This feature is ensured by continuous modulation, the result of synergy between the variable-speed DC compressor and electronic expansion valve, managed by an advanced controller.
    Specifically, the Heos controller can manage all the typical functions of a showcase with variable-speed compressor

    • showcase temperature and superheat control
    • compressor management (envelope, COP calculation, oil recovery procedures)
    • condensing stage control
    • lights, defrosts, fans and alarms

    Through correct management of the extensive data acquired – from a system level down to the details of each individual showcase - using advanced software algorithms, all operating conditions can be optimised and monitored, thus ensuring the highest service level in commercial refrigeration.

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