• General characteristics

    The range of KEC kits is the evaporative cooling solution designed for OEMs, responding to the specific needs of flexibility, simplicity, compactness and integration.
    The KEC kits include: a water circuit to be installed in a section of the AHU; the inverter and electronic controller to be integrated into the unit’s electrical panel; and the components making up the atomisation system in the air duct.

    KEC pressurises the water to 14 bars using a rotary vane pump and then atomises it, through nozzles, into very fine droplets that evaporate easily in the air, thus reducing the temperature. This phenomenon can be exploited to indirectly cool a second air flow, through the combined action of KEC and heat recovery unit.
    The range includes models with capacities from 50 to 1000 kg/h, all powered at 230 Vac 50/60 Hz single-phase. The feedwater can be mains, softened or demineralised.
    The KEC electronic controller manages the inverter and the devices on the pumping unit, based on the production request sent by the AHU controller over the RS485 serial line, with Modbus protocol. The quantity of water is continuously modulated through the combined action of the inverter – which controls motor speed motor and consequently pump flow-rate – and two solenoid valves installed in the water circuit, which control the two pressurised water outlets in such a way as to activate one or both groups of nozzles. Depending on the control mode, the two groups of nozzles can be housed in the same distribution system (two-step continuous modulation in a duct) or can be separate, in two distribution systems (typically, a rack for humidification in winter and a rack for indirect evaporative cooling in summer).

    The KEC system does not store any water when not operating, guaranteeing absolute hygiene.

    A self-adaptive algorithm implemented in the electronic controller optimises water consumption – information provided by the flow-rate measuring device – while at the same time ensuring constant air cooling. By combining the energy savings obtained by the inverter and the absence of additional pressure drop on the AHU fans, KEC provides the OEM market an advanced and versatile solution for evaporative cooling.

  • Plus


    Separation between the water circuit and the electronics means KEC can be installed freely inside the OEM’s unit.


    KEC modulates production through the combined action of inverter and on-off solenoid valves.

    Water saving

    Water inlet is measured by a flow sensor and is optimised using a self-adaptive control algorithm.

    Energy saving

    KEC does not cause additional pressure drop for the AHU fans, unlike traditional wetted media systems.


    The design of the atomisation system allows adaptability to all possible installation layouts.


    Without any chemical biocides, KEC guarantees absence of bacteria proliferation by emptying the piping during standby and running periodical washing cycles.