humiSonic in the printing industry
Ultrasonic humidifiers
aper manufacturing, storage and printing processes are affected by variations in the water content related to the ambient humidity.
humiSonic: efficiency in evolution
Ultrasonic humidifiers
The new range of ultrasonic humidifiers: humiSonic for room distribution and for ducts
Energy Saving solutions for data centers
Ultrasonic humidifiers
Data center air-conditioning is essential for the correct operation of Information Technology equipment.
Museums: maintaining the correct level of humidity and temperature
Ultrasonic humidifiers
Museums, art galleries, archives and libraries must be equipped with extremely efficient and reliable systems to control the indoor climate
Wine industry: storage and cooling
Ultrasonic humidifiers
Ensuring the right humidity and temperature, and being able to monitor the trends in these values over the seasons, is an essential part of the winemaking process.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers
  • General characteristics

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    The new humiSonic range comprises two versions, meeting the needs of all applications: humiSonic compact, small enough to be installed on a fan coil, and humiSonic direct, for room distribution.

    Ultrasonic humidifiers feature a small water storage tank and piezoelectric transducers installed at the bottom of the tank. The surface of the transducer vibrates at very high speed (1.65 million times a second), a speed that does not allow the water to move due to its inertial mass. During the negative amplitude of the transducer cycle, a sudden void is created that brings about the production of microscopic bubbles, which are pushed to the surface of the water during the positive amplitude of the cycle. This effect is called cavitation.

    During this process, the resulting intersecting sound waves created directly underneath the surface of the water cause very small droplets of water to separate, forming a fine mist of vapour that is immediately absorbed by the flow of air.

    This ultrasound technology applied to CAREL air humidification solutions is efficient, reliable and versatile:

    • efficient, as ultrasonic humidifiers guarantee energy savings of 90% when compared to ordinary steam generators;
    • reliable, as humiSonic is guaranteed for 10,000 operating hours when running on demineralised water;
    • versatile, thanks to the size of the droplets produced (average diameter of 5 µm). This fundamental characteristic guarantees very fast absorption of the atomised water in the room or duct, avoiding possible condensation.


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  • Plus

    The CAREL solutions developed using the latest ultrasound technology can guarantee numerous benefits in many applications:

    • energy saving: just 10% of the power consumption of steam humidifiers;
    • reliability: 10,000 hours of uninterrupted operation guaranteed;
    • precision: relative humidity control of ±1% on the set point;
    • absorption efficiency: the droplets, just 1 µm in size, evaporate instantly;
    • easy installation: in the basic configuration, humiSonic is a plug & play solution;
    • maximum hygiene: no water recirculation and periodical washing cycles.