Centrifugal humidifiers

Centrifugal humidifiers
  • General characteristics

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    humiDisk is a small yet sturdy humidifier that uses a spinning disk to atomise water and transform it into millions of very small droplets that, blown by a built-in fan, are introduced into the environment, where they evaporate, humidifying and cooling the air.


    Very low power consumption
    humiDisk is a simple, economic and easy to maintain humidification system, with an energy consumption of just 220 W for 6.5 kg/h of capacity (31 W for the 1.0 kg/h model).
    Guaranteed hygiene 
    The water tank inside the humiDisk contains just 0.055 litres of water, which is atomised, at maximum capacity, in just 30s for the 6.5 kg/h model and 3 minutes for the 1 kg/h model. The water in the tank is therefore changed very rapidly, meaning the humidifier substantially works with non-stagnant running water, so as to guarantee the best hygiene conditions.
    Adjustable capacity (humiDisk65 only)
    Operation of humiDisk65 controlled by an electronic board fitted with a trimmer for setting humidifier capacity, from 1.1 to 6.5 kg/h, making it suitable for all applications.
    Automatic washing cycles (humiDisk65 only)
    The board, as well as managing normal unit operation, also performs a tank washing cycle when starting the unit, and an emptying cycle when humidification is no longer required. This avoids having stagnant water inside the unit.
    Important: to ensure a higher level of hygiene, when using the CAREL electrical control panels, the humidifier also washes the water tank at the start of each humidification cycle.
    Water used
    humiDisk can operate on both mains water or treated water. The quantity and quality of the minerals dissolved in the water affect the frequency of the routine maintenance operations and the amount of dust generated. For best operation, use demineralised water (do not use softened water, as this does not reduce the content of minerals dissolved in the water). In any case, observe the requirements of UNI8884 standard "Characteristics and treatment of the water in cooling and humidification circuits", according to which the main characteristics of the water are conductivity < 100 μS/cm and total hardness <5 °fH (50 ppm CaCO3). Similar requirements are also specified in standards VDI6022, VDI3803.
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  • Plus


    Requires just the 230 Vac power supply and the mains water and drain lines; operation is ON/OFF.

    Hygienically safe

    • Very small water tank, just 55 ml 
    • Washing procedure at unit start 
    • Emptying at the end of the humidification cycle
    • Washing procedure at the beginning of every cycle (with CAREL control panel only).


    1 or 2 humiDisk65 units can be controlled in parallel using the special control panel, or up to 10 humiDisk10 units using the CAREL humidistat.