humiDisk humiDisk
  • General characteristics

    humiDisk is a centrifugal humidifier that uses a rotating disk to atomize the water into millions of tiny droplets which, driven by a built-in fan, are released into the environment humidifying and cooling the air. humiDisK is available in two versions: the version with a capacity of 1.0 l/h is compact, easy to use and can be controlled by an external switch or by a humidistat; the version with a capacity of 6.5 l/h, in addition to the bigger size and capacity, also offers the possibility to be controlled by an external electrical panel (optional), which allows the modulation of the capacity produced (from 1.1 to 6.5 l/h), the management of washing cycles at the start and end of the cycle and the activation and control of the anti-freeze device (also optional).

    Thanks to the ability to work at low temperatures (≥ 1°C) and to the very thin diameter of the droplets produced, humiDisk is particularly suitable for installation in refrigerating rooms and in storage warehouses for products like fruit and vegetables. However, the compact design and the excellent performance make humiDisk a versatile product for many other applications, such as the direct humidification of printing industries, textile industries, etc.

    humiDisk can be used both with demineralized water and mains water.

  • Plus

    • easy to install and use
    • guaranteed performance and versatility in all conditions, thanks to a rapid absorption of the droplets produced
    • large and complete accessory kit (electrical panel, humidistat, anti-freeze resistance, UV lamp)
    • reduced dimensions thanks to the predisposition for wall installation