MC Multizone

MC Multizone
MC Multizone MC Multizone
  • General characteristics

    MC is an atomizing adiabatic humidifier that uses the energy of compressed air to atomize water in micrometric droplets. The system consists of a cabinet equipped with an electronic controller and interface display, which, thanks to two independent networks of water and air piping, feeds the nozzles in the optimum conditions of flow and pressure. Inside the nozzle, the energy of the air is used to create an emulsion of water with droplets of the diameter of approximately 10 µm, allowing a rapid absorption.


    This feature makes MC the most suitable product for installations directly in the environment, with use in the textile industry and in the processing of wood and paper, in cellars and in refrigerating rooms, where compressed air is almost always available. However, in the absence of a pre-existing compressed air line, it is also advantageous to install an MC system equipped with a dedicated air compressor. MC can also be installed in the duct, as long as there is enough space for the absorption of the jet of atomized water.


    MC can be used both with demineralized water (to avoid sending salts into the environment) and with mains water: the nozzle is equipped with a particular cleaning needle inside, periodically activated by a spring, which cleans the orifice from any deposits of mineral salts. Thanks to the drainage solenoid valve placed at the end of the line, it is possible to drain the unit when idle and to wash it periodically. In favour of hygiene, a UV lamp (optional) is also supplied, to be installed immediately upstream of the cabinet.


    MC is available with a 60 l/h or 230 l/h cabinet. You can use the main/secondary solution when you want to add another area with an independent set point (up to 6 areas) or when you want to increase the humidification capacity (over 230 l/h) in a single area. The nozzles are available in various capacities: 2,7 – 4,0 – 5,4 – 6,8 – 10,0 l/h. The choice of the nozzle depends on how you want to divide the total humidification capacity.

  • Plus

    • very fine water-air emulsion, suitable for humidification and direct cooling in the environment thanks to its rapid absorption
    • possibility to use main/secondary, to increase capacity of for multi-area applications
    • possibility to choose the size of the nozzle in order to better divide the humidification load
    • nozzle with self-cleaning needle, can be used also with mains water