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Optimal indoor air quality, along with proper temperature and relative humidity conditions are key to ensuring health, well-being, and performance when we spend our time in confined spaces.

The air handling unit (AHU) is the heart of the ventilation system in residential and commercial buildings and is designed to achieve these goals. AHUs remove polluted air from indoor spaces – either actually-polluted or air that is simply uncomfortably warm or cold – and replace it with clean, fresh air at the right temperature and relative humidity. Ventilation with outside air plays a crucial role in eliminating pathogens from indoor environments as we unfortunately learnt during the pandemic.

The control system is a crucial component to achieving these targets with an air handling unit.

Its mission is to ensure correct control of the system components in order to achieve the required indoor air conditions with the lowest energy consumption.

More broadly, the control solution also needs to ensure effective communication with other control systems, such as the BMS to optimise energy consumption across the building. In addition, the control system should monitor and log the operation of all the devices in order to understand in advance the reduction in performance that occurred during the unit’s lifetime.

Finally, the control system needs to ensure safe operation and use of the equipment, as well as cybersecurity of the IT network. The latter involves compliance of the controllers with IT security protocols in accordance with relevant ISO and EU standards.

CAREL has a wide range of ready-to-use solutions for air handling unit management.


µAria is CAREL’s new solution for the complete management of ventilation and heat recovery units in residential applications. µAria provides software features designed and optimised for the most common types of units on the market. Compatibility with different types of probes and sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, etc.) guarantee the possibility to measure the desired values and use them for the optimal control, as defined by the specifications.

The distinctive feature of µAria is a new level of usability. Thanks to NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, users can interact with the controller via the CAREL mobile app, allowing quick and easy access to all unit parameters for quick and easy start-up.

k.Air, on the other hand, is CAREL’s fully configurable pre-programmed solution, designed for the management of different types of air handling and ventilation units, from high efficiency heat recovery units to modular units for commercial or process applications.

Thanks to its modular HW and SW architecture, it is an extremely flexible product that can cover a wide range of applications.

It is a ready-to-use solution that doesn’t require any software programming experience. k.Air, in fact, brings together all CAREL’s expertise in this application, providing the most advanced logic to manage an air handling unit while ensuring health, hygiene and energy savings.

A further distinctive feature of k.Air is connectivity and usability. Thanks to the availability of the native Ethernet port on all models, a web interface is available from first start-up, offering an high-end user interface to simplify access to settings for all types of users. In addition, Bacnet and Modbus communication protocols are available as standard for communication with other devices in the same network, including third-party systems.

Finally, k.Air fully exploits the CAREL portfolio of air handling unit solutions, integrating via serial communication CAREL components such as probes, humidifiers, terminals, inverters, etc.

The new CPQ module is also available with k.Air. This new tool allows users to select, quote and finally configure k.air and all the necessary accessories for a complete installation. The k.AIR CPQ module is a powerful companion for designers, OEMs and installers to complete their tasks quickly and easily, from design to start-up.

k.AIR on CPQ also provides product data, documents, and application, examples ensuring everything needed is available to support your projects with CAREL.

CAREL, together with the other group companies Recuperator and Enginia, can be your innovative and reliable partner in facing the latest challenges on the market, helping our customers to design new, higher performance solutions for air handling.

We can provide technology and expertise for energy recovery systems, humidification solutions, unit controllers, dampers, and accessories capable of ensuring health and safety, both in to comply with the most stringent hygiene standards and increase the overall efficiency of the equipment.

If you want to find out more about the competence of CAREL for this application, follow us and we invite you to come and see the presentation by Andrea Pagan, Application Manager Ventilation and Systems, who will explain the Benefits of a hygienic, efficient and intelligent solution for ventilation systems in the era of “New Normal".

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