Humidity control for your health

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a well-known physical phenomenon has been brought into the public eye, namely, that pathogens emitted by a sick person by sneezing, talking, or breathing remain suspended in the air of the environments they are in.

Less well known, however, was the fact that the ability of airborne diseases to be transmitted is strongly influenced by humidity! In dry environments, in fact, such as interior ones in the winter with heating turned up high, Covid, for example, spreads more easily, as the different pattern of contagion between seasons has demonstrated.

The pandemic thus highlighted a climate factor that we already knew was important to our well-being. How many times have we felt dry eyes, skin or throat, or felt the presence of dust more because of the dryness of the environment's air?

This is all because the comfort zone for humans lies between 40 and 60% relative humidity (RH). Between these two values, the person feels comfortable, is efficient and remains healthy. At the same time, viruses and bacteria are slowed down in their spread and their ability to survive is reduced.

Keeping humidity stable in our comfort zone (between 40 and 60%) is not always easy and can only be reliably guaranteed by controlled humidification of indoor air. Particularly in autumn and winter, we quickly leave the optimum range of relative humidity (RH) because of the regular and necessary exchange of the heated indoor air with colder outside air. This is because cold air can absorb less moisture than warmer air for physical reasons. If this outside air now enters a warm room and heats up from, for example, 0 °C to 22 °C, the relative humidity (RH) of this heated air cannot exceed approx. 20 %. This means that in winter, the supply of fresh air inevitably leads to a reduction in the humidity of the indoor air and to leaving the comfort zone of 40-60%.

In this context, HygroMatik together with CAREL offers FlexLine.
FlexLine is a modern generation of steam humidifiers which consists of a basic model that can be expanded to create an individual humidification solution suitable for all requirements. 

Some advantages:

  • A series of units for all applications and performance categories;
  • Ease of installation by means of individual pre-configuration ex factory;
  • Expansion of options for retrofitting;
  • Easy operation;
  • Highest quality and energy efficiency;
  • Environmentally friendly incorporating reusable components.



Ultrasonic humidifiers combine the energy efficiency of the adiabatic process with effectiveness against viruses and bacterial contamination.

CAREL humiSonic direct is efficient, reliable and versatile:

  • efficient, as ultrasonic humidifiers guarantee energy savings of 90% when compared to ordinary steam generators;
  • reliable, as humiSonic is guaranteed for 10,000 operating hours when running on demineralised water;
  • versatile, thanks to the size of the droplets produced (average diameter of 5 µm). This fundamental characteristic guarantees very fast absorption of the atomised water in the room or duct, avoiding possible condensation.


Hygienic humidification processes start with water quality! Another HygroMatik solution is WaterLine RO.

The water treatment with a WaterLine RO system is a very effective protection against viruses and bacterial contamination in air humidification and cooling systems.

Viruses and bacteria present in the water are filtered out by the process of reverse osmosis – even before they reach the air humidification systems. This prevents them from spreading and being released into the room air.

For this reason, the integration of a system for water treatment using reverse osmosis is particularly recommended when planning air humidification systems in hygienically sensitive application areas.