Humidifier life cycle management

In order to guarantee room air quality and the economic investment for purchasing the systems, it is essential to preserve the product's efficiency during its entire life cycle. As a matter of fact, life cycle analyses indicate that proper start-up, combined with periodic maintenance and expert management of system configurations, will in the medium term produce a lower economic impact than the costs resulting from non-optimal performance, prolonged downtime, occasional repairs or, in the worst case scenario, the need to replace the product with a new one in advance. Through expert technical support and digital remote control services, the units' performance remains constant over time and unexpected costs, whether direct or indirect, are limited and managed as far as possible.

The CAREL group offers a complete package of services for the entire range of its humidifiers. The aim is to maintain the operating performance of the unit over time and increase its lifespan, both in the case of in-system activities and through digital services for remote assistance. 

Thanks to CAREL's experience and the expertise of its technicians, the analysis of any malfunctions will quickly result in a solution to restore the unit in the shortest possible time. The CAREL group offers a complete service that supports customers in analysing the anomaly, organising the intervention and, if necessary, supplying any spare parts. Spare parts play a fundamental role during the product life cycle as the preservation/wear of the components also determines the product's operating life.



Complete services solution for CAREL humidifiers