Increase efficiency...with in-field commissioning

From a refrigeration installer’s point of view, one of the critical aspects when working in the field to repair a faulty unit, for example, is time.

Time matters, because we need to consider the time spent to reach the site, to interact with the device (is it the first time working on that specific model?), to understand the problem, to find the spare parts, to re-configure the device and then carry out the final test on the entire system.

A sudden stop in the refrigeration process is a matter of urgency, and if lasting too long can have a major impact on the quality of stored food. But it’s also a matter of organisation, as emergency call-outs have a disruptive effect on the installer’s day-to-day schedule.

Faults can be minimised by correct installation and proper maintenance, nonetheless, service in the field is often required… so it’s better to make it fast!

Looking specifically at the configuration of an electronic device, the traditional approach involves finding the technical manual, reading it and analysing the complete parameter list, one by one, to carry out the correct configuration from the LED display.

This takes time and perhaps even more than one attempt if the installer has never seen the device before.

CAREL intends to change this approach, making in-field configuration extremely easy and much faster than before and exploiting a powerful tool that we always have available: our smartphone.

Discover the power of CAREL APPLICA - just one single app that can interact with and configure different CAREL controllers for different applications - and try it out on the brand-new iJW refrigeration controller, making its European debut at Chillventa, for your first experience of smarter field commissioning.

If you want to find out more about this product, we invite you to come and see the presentation by Stefano Soggia, Group Marketing Manager Refrigeration Wholesalers, who will describe CAREL iJW: the refrigeration controller for smarter field commissioning.

When & Where
Tue, 11.10.2022, 11:20 – 11:40
Hall 7A Booth 7A-616


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