Monitoring services for performance optimisation

A fundamental role in ensuring control and optimisation of energy consumption remains sustainable over time is played by the digital systems used to support both occupants and maintenance technicians in the optimal management of buildings. On-site monitoring systems, and the modern data mining and machine learning techniques used by centralised web portals, can be used to aggregate the data collected and consequently provide effective analysis of system performance. This makes it possible to highlight any deviations from optimal performance and focus the attention on the cases that are actually critical.

Lighting, air conditioning and heating systems, refrigerant circuits, compressor racks, electrical panels, energy meters and so on, made by different manufacturers, located in sites all around the world, and installed by different technicians with multiple procedures, habits and experience, create extremely heterogeneous systems in terms of configurations and performance that are not easily comparable with each other. Boss local supervisors connected to the RED optimise portal can centralise the information, irrespective of the technology or protocol, and then process the necessary data so that these are readily available and easily usable, to identify possible problems or declines in performance and then promptly restore optimal conditions.

The various departments responsible for system service, quality or energy can thus adopt targeted, immediate or planned actions, and benefit not only from the continuous improvement of equipment and system operation, but also from the optimisation of management and processes, guaranteeing perfectly preserved fresh products, comfort for customers and reduced energy consumption.

Every component of the system is designed to allow continuous updating, while guaranteeing protection of the information through data encryption and the use of protocols that comply with the highest security standards.


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