Maximum performance and reliability for scientific applications

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare services have continued to attract a high level of interest in recent years, with a big boost due to Covid19. Attention has also grown in product storage solutions for scientific and medical purposes due to the high economical and strategic value of the products themselves. In that way, refrigerators, freezers and even ultra low temperature freezers acquired great importance to ensure that the product is preserved in the best possible way and in compliant conditions.

The main targets to reach in scientific applications are the performances and the total reliability of the units.

Performance is to be understood in the broadest sense: reducing energy consumptions and also quality preservation of the products. It has already been highlighted, how the value of the scientific and medical goods does not concern only the mere economic cost but often the strategic point of view of the product is also focal, just think of the spasmodic attention during vaccines distribution during the last Covid19 emergency.

CAREL with the new born of the family, iJS for scientific applications, offers solutions aimed to ensuring the conservation stability of the products thanks to specific algorithms, combined with specific hardware options able to drive modulating loads, also improving energy performance of the refrigerated units. The technology for the direct management of variable speed compressors (VCC) allows the rapid adoption of modulating solutions togheter with the ability to adapt the workload to the real ambient conditions, minimizing compressor's startups and maintaining the products' temperature as stable as possible.

iJS for scientific application is the new born in the iJ family. iJS, together with iJF for food storage and display and IJM for mechandisers, aim to satisfy specific needs for each target markets.

iJF for food storage and display with his attention on energy performace is the best partner for commercial and professional refrigeration thanks to fast variable speed compressors adoption and other modulating loads driving solutions.

iJM for mechandisers enables smart IoT analysis to maximise collers fleet profitability thanks to the advanced connectivity options and the proposal of specific digital services.

To find out more about electronic solutions for scientific applications, we're glad to invite you to come and see Andrea Bianchi's speech "The evolution of refrigeration controlling solutions for scientific and medical applications"


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