humiFog (HD) NA

humiFog (HD) NA
  • General characteristics

    System composition
    humiFog for AHU/ducts is made up of
    • pump assembly with continuous modulation (with inverter);
    • rack with water atomisation nozzles;
    • drop separator (compulsory for certified installations);
    • high pressure connection pipes;
    • humidity probes;
    • water treatment system (reverse osmosis), not supplied by CAREL..


    Pump assembly with continuous modulation for AHU/ducts (with inverter)

    The pump assembly used for AHU/duct applications features an inverter that continuously changes the speed of the high pressure pump, thus adjusting the flow-rate of the sprayed water.
    Combining the continuous modulation of the pump speed with control of the number of nozzles that are open, using solenoid valves, the flow-rate can vary from around 15% to 100% of the rated flow of the pump, while maintaining the water pressure between 25 and 75 bar, guaranteeing the production of very fine droplets.
    The maximum capacity of the pump assembly available is 60, 120, 180, 250, 350, 500 kg/h (custom versions up to 5000 kg/h).

    Duct-mounted humidification rack

    Supplied to measure for the AHU/duct, this is made up of nozzle manifolds, atomising nozzles, manifold on-off valves, manifold drain valves, ventilation valve and the main drain valve. All the metal parts are made from stainless steel. The ON/OFF solenoid valves control of the number of nozzles that are open, while the drain and ventilation solenoid valves are used to empty the rack whenever the humidifier stops humidifying.

    Absorption distance

    humiFog generates a very fine mist containing droplets with an average diameter of just 10 to 15 µm, using nozzles with an opening of only 0.2 mm operating at high pressure (25 to 75 bar). This very fine mist is quickly absorbed by the air, requiring a minimum free space for evaporation of just 700 mm. Typically just 1000 to 1200 mm is required for more than 95% of the atomised water to be absorbed by the air.

    Drop separator (compulsory for certified installations)

    The drop separator has the purpose of trapping the droplets of water that are not completely evaporated, so as to prevent them from leaving the humidification chamber.

    This is available in two versions: with fibreglass or AISI304 steel filters, the latter required for VDI6022 certified installations. The structure of the drop separator is always in stainless steel. The drop separator is supplied in standard modules that can be assembled to cover the cross-section of the AHU/duct.

    Certified hygiene

    The implementation of the
    • special stainless steel atomising rack that allows the pipes to be drained;
    • fully stainless steel mist eliminator made by CAREL
    has allowed the humiFog for AHU/ducts to obtain VDI6022 certification: "Hygienic standards for ventilation and air conditioning systems, Offices and assembly rooms", issued by ILH Berlin. In addition, the appliance has also been certified in accordance with DIN1946, VDI3803, SWKI2003-5 (CH), ÖNORM H 6021 (A)